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Movie Stars' Homes
Beverly Hills, California, 90210

The most popular tour in Los Angeles is the Movie Stars' Homes tour which typically showcases between 90 - 100 extravagant homes. We decided to take that Star Studded concept an extra step and are offering addresses and directions to over 220 of the most "paparazzied" addresses in Beverly Hills. Can you say Beckham?

We have assembled the ultimate eclectic collection of A-List Movie Stars' Homes dating from the 1950's to the present. Not knowing if you are into the old or the new we just went ahead and listed them all. This way you can decide what you want to see. Maybe you're only interested in one Must See Home. Maybe you want to combine window shopping on Rodeo Drive with a quick tour of a nearby street which offers 20 Fabulously Famous Homes. Whatever you want...however you want, we'll show you how.

There is no narration on this tour. Instead we supply you with 2 Maps of Beverly Hills streets, 3 pages of Mega Stars' addresses corresponding to these streets and a detailed instruction sheet.

Click here to download the Movie Stars' Homes Tour!