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King Porte. Conspiracy and Terrorism in San Diego.

Tales from the Road, Volume 1.

How to Start Your Own Sightseeing Company

Every day you read or hear about some creative person who took the initiative to create a Tour which focused on and/or highlighted a special event. They started a Tour about a subject which fascinated themselves and they hoped others. Then the next time you hear or read about them or their Tour you find out that they have become quite successful, are making a name for themselves, and are having a ball doing it. And all this time you're thinking “Why couldn't I do something like that?” You probably answered your own question, “Because I don't know how to get started.” Well, now you do.

I have been in the Sightseeing business since 1971. During these four decades I have created and operated five very successful and innovative Sightseeing Companies in two of the most competitive markets in the world, San Diego and San Francisco. I am now retiring from the business and before I ride off into the sunset I thought I would share my knowledge about this lucrative and fun filled industry with you. I have taken all of that knowledge and experience and condensed it into a highly informative booklet that I have written and am offering to you.

I have separated all of this information into 8 instructive chapters:

  • What is a Sightseeing Company?
  • What makes a Sightseeing Company successful?
  • There are two types of Sightseeing Companies.
  • Operating a Type A Sightseeing Company.
  • Operating a Type B Sightseeing Company.
  • Creating a Tour.
  • Marketing your Sightseeing Company
  • Taking Reservations

With this booklet you will gain the knowledge necessary to successfully start your own Sightseeing Company. If you are just starting out in your working life or looking for a new career or retired and contemplating a part-time occupation that'll generate some cash, this is the booklet for you. I give you the basics from which you can build a successful Sightseeing Company.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, click on the link below and download your future.

This Booklet is 22 pages.

Click here to download the booklet!